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Representative Cases

White Collar Crime

Case Type: Securities Fraud

Represented securities broker in state and federal investigation into certain foreign investments he sold to customers but which ultimately proved not to be profitable. Following an investigation, the SEC decided not to pursue any enforcement actions against broker; however, State decided to attempt to revoke state license. Following a multi-day hearing, the hearing panel opted to only issue a warning.

Results: Warning Only

Case Type: Tax Fraud & Money Laundering

Represented two Serbian immigrant brothers in investigation by IRS and U.S. Attorney’s Office into allegations of tax fraud and money laundering. Following an extensive investigation and negotiations, during which the defendants decided not to enter into plea negotiations, the government terminated its investigation and decided not to charge the brothers with a crime.

Results: Not Charged

Case Type: Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud

Represented president of mortgage company in federal jury trial for Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud. Following a jury trial, she was found not guilty for fraud. We then filed a federal habeas corpus action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 2254. Finally, after a hearing in federal court, the federal judge vacated the state conviction and ordered another trial. The state then dismissed the case against the defendant. He was released from prison, and his conviction was removed from his record.

Results: Dismissed

Case Type: Insurance Fraud

Represented physician on allegations of narcotics offenses and Medicare and health insurance fraud. Following an extensive investigation, we were able to convince the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Office of Inspector General that there were no criminal violations. Physician instituted new compliance procedures and continued practice without limitation.

Results: Dismissed

Case Type: Medicare Fraud

Represented chiropractic practice in allegations of Medicare fraud involving charging for treatment that was not medically necessary. These allegations were based upon information provided by a disgruntled former employee turned “whistleblower” who sought a portion of the government’s recovery in the matter. Ultimately, following an exhaustive investigation, we were able to prove that all medical treatment provided was medically necessary.

Results: Able to Prove

Case Type: Investment Fraud

Represented attorney who had represented “investment broker” selling shares in gold mine in Ecuador. The broker’s company, however, proved to be a Ponzi Scheme, and in order to lessen his sentence, the perpetrator of the fraud contended that his attorney (and others) was involved in the fraud. We were able to demonstrate to the government that the attorney knew nothing of the fraud and was himself a victim. The government elected not to pursue action against the attorney.

Results: Not Guilty

Case Type: Healthcare Fraud

Represented immigrant from Belarus in investigation into her operation of a private ambulance company in the United States. The Department of Justice and the FBI suspected the company of engaging in Medicare and healthcare fraud by providing services that were not “medically necessary”; however, we were ultimately able to convince the government that there were no violations of the law or federal regulations.

Results: Not Guilty

Case Type: Bank Fraud

Represented former citizen of the Russian Federation in charges of bank fraud and other serious white-collar offenses. Following an extensive investigation by defense counsel, defendant was found not guilty at trial of all serious felony charges and received a minimal prison sentence.

Results: Not Guilty

Case Type: Insurance Fraud, Medicare Fraud & Making False Statements

Represented former citizen of Ukraine and owner of a private ambulance company in Indictment alleging insurance fraud, Medicare fraud and making false statements to the FBI. Case was the subject of a national press conference by the Attorney General announcing the Indictment. Prior to trial, the government dropped all fraud charges, and the defendant ultimately pled guilty to a single count of making a false statement.

Results: Dropped Charges

Case Type: Drug Trafficking

Represented alleged co-conspirator in major cocaine distribution case charged in federal court. Although defendant had been associated with other defendants found in possession of significant quantities of cocaine, we were able to prove that his relationship to co-defendants had nothing to do with drug distribution. Following a two-week jury trial, the defendant was found not guilty.

Results: Not Guilty

Case Type: Espionage Statutes

Represented official in Department of Homeland Security in national security investigation into alleged contacts with intelligence agents of the Russian Federation. Following the investigation conducted by the FBI and the National Security Division of the Department of Justice, we were able to convince government officials that any conduct was innocent and unknowing and that there were no violations of the Espionage Statutes.

Results: Not Guilty

International Criminal Defense

Case Type: Bribery

Represented two Russian telecommunications executives in a Department of Justice investigation into Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations involving the bribery of Central Asian government officials. Following extensive negotiations, the executives were granted immunity from prosecution by the U.S. government.

Results: Granted Immunity

Violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act

Represented citizen of the U.K. in U.S. government investigation into alleged sanctions violations, violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and money laundering. Following an extensive investigation both in the United States and in Panama, we were able to convince the government that its understanding of certain transactions was mistaken and the there were no criminal or administrative violations.

Results: Not Guilty

Case Type: Defense Strategy

Represented defense contractor working with U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan on allegations of providing equipment to the Taliban. Contractor was arrested in Afghanistan and held in military detention facility for several months without access to counsel. Once we were retained as counsel, we were able to secure the contactor’s return to the United States. Ultimately, we were able to determine that the information the Army had originally relied upon was unreliable. Contractor was released from custody, given his security clearance back and returned to Afghanistan where he continued working with U.S. forces.

Results: Released

FINRA Arbitration

Case Type: Industry Dispute

Represented financial advisor in dispute with former business partner regarding an alleged violation of a non-compete clause. Following a final hearing, the arbitration panel found that the respondent did not violate the agreement.

Results: Claims denied in their entirety