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Client Testimonials

“I have been working with Mr.Boyle for years. He is a star white-collar crime attorney and a great lawyer, capable of achieving outstanding results and creating precedents.

Whatever legal work done by Mr.Boyle is done properly, fast and with exceptional quality. He is internationally oriented, fluent in Spanish, and has an excellent work ethics.

Documents prepared by him and his associates meet the highest standards of Clarity, Engagement and Delivery and explain highly complex legal peculiarities in a language that anyone can easily understand.”

Marat S. / Client

“Dennis is a man of integrity with a heart for justice. We greatly appreciated his help and coaching in our difficult situation. His expertise, particularly in the area of fraud, but also broadly navigating the legal systems were so helpful.”

S. and D. Spino / Client

“I’ve known Dennis Boyle for 20 years and have referred several friends to his firm. He is known for being an extremely successful trial lawyer with a long track record of winning results. If you are looking for a top quality attorney who is well versed in white collar, federal criminal defense or other complicated legal matters, even international based, don’t hesitate to contact him.”

J. DuBois / Client

“Dennis is a brilliant lawyer. The case he has taken on for my firm is very complex. Dennis and his team dove into every detail of the case with a fine tooth comb. His positive attitude, commitment and grasp of the complex case law is “Best in Class”.”

R. Cassway / Client

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dennis on numerous complex civil and criminal matters. Dennis handles cases thoroughly and comprehensively, providing his clients with the best possible representation.”

J. Autry / Client

“Being both active in the International Bar Association (IBA), I have come to know Dennis as a person very much dedicated to his work and his clients, and with a broad up-to-date knowledge of legal matters.”

Susan C. / Client

“He helped me through the process and worked with IRS agents and prosecutors for months to reduce me sentence. In the end, I received a sentence of probation and was able to keep my business and put my life back together. My trust in him was well placed.”

Anonymous / Client

“Without Dennis’ counsel, I do not believe that I or my business would have been able to thrive in today’s healthcare industry. Definitely worth every dollar I paid him!”

Owen / Client

“I would not hesitate to call upon Dennis to advise, counsel, and try the most challenging cases for any client or contact of mine.”

M. Wolfe / Client

“Dennis excels at complex litigation and brings years of experience to the table. His work for both myself and my business has been thoughtful and well orchestrated. His morals and ethical character are exemplary.”

P. Moore / Client

“If you’re looking for an experienced, intelligent, thorough, stand up kind of man to represent you or your buisness look no further! Through his vast range of knowledge, and dedication to his clients i know you’ll be happy you chose Dennis E. Boyle!”

A. Baker / Client

“Dennis is the best attorney out there. He is smart and knows how to get the job done!! Dennis pays attention to details. I strongly recommend Dennis.”

M. Powers / Client

“Dennis is an outstanding attorney who goes above and beyond for you! Highly recommend!”

A. Steiner / Client

We take great pride in our reputation and testimonials from clients. You may read more directly on Google.

“On one of the worst days of my life, my business caught on fire, and the fire endangered my house that was next door. As I was trying to help the firemen fight the fire, two people I did not know showed up and told me I had to leave. When I tried to explain to them that I was helping the firemen, I was beaten with a club and tased with a taser. The two police officers, who had not identified themselves, then arrested me for resisting arrest and assaulting them. They then took me in handcuffs to the hospital and then to the York County prison where I spent the night before making bail. I hired Dennis Boyle to defend me, and after a jury trial, I was found not guilty of all charges.”

– Anonymous